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“Having attended your workshop, I feel more like a businessperson than I have in years...although the amount of material covered was considerable, I was kept alert and eager for more by your timely humor and friendly enthusiasm.” - client Jeff Sigl

“Thank you so much for your educational and motivational presentation for our Court Appointed Special Advocates training classes...I look forward to this partnership building a brighter future for our foster youth.” - Sharon Raimondi - Sacramento CASA

“Thank you so much for your presentation to our work Life Management class. You helped enrich the students learning by making the curriculum more interesting and relevant.” - Velma Parker - Independent Living Program

“You really helped show us that no matter what problems you have, all you need is determination and you can achieve anything. Thanks a million.” - ILP student Stacey C.

“Thank you for representing Sacramento Employment Training Agency at th Economic Resource Fair. Your participation was greatly appreciated. Several IDA participants have benefitted from your presence there.” - Matt Morgan - Americorps

“It was a pleasure to have been a part of your Job Search seminar. I found it very informational and equally pleasant to see and hear you present the materials in a positive way in spite of your stuttering. Truly your confidence is contagious.” - Pam Gaskin

“A personal thank you for the incredible job you did in inspiring our graduate students. They were so impressed they even told their parents what a great presentation you gave. It was so powerful for them to be able to articulate their priorities and goals. Your sharing your own experience and values were equally commanding. Thank you so much for demonstrating to the kids the critical importance of believing in themselves.” Renee Tessier - San Juan Unified School District Foster Youth Services

Professional - Motivational - Entertaining

“This is a new twist on old information. It goes against what others have spoken about before but it is much more useful and resourceful.”
S. Miller - San Antonio, TX

“Your workshop has opened my eyes. I will now approach my job search with a different mindset.”
R. Steel - Mesa, AZ

“I like your energy and positive attitude.”
R. Redden - Cincinnati, OH

“Great energy, great mindset change (from jobseeker to business person)”
G. Tyus - Nashville, TN

“Excellent workshop; motivating and involving class participation”
D. Leong - Houston, TX

“...Mr. Boyce is an excellent speaker and inspiration.”
C. Farmer - Memphis, TN

“In spite of his stuttering, excellent presentation skills.”
BJ Evans - Dallas, TX

And more...
“I found most useful the part about salary and negotiation” - Kansas City, KS
“Very motivating speaker...loved the interview questions and answers.” - Indianapolis, IN
“Confirmed much of what I do as a Career Counselor. My clients need to hear this.” - St. Louis, MO

And more...What I found most useful...
“Aaron’s confidence and knowledge” - Columbus, OH
The PROVACK part” - Madison, WI

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