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EPR (Engagement - Productivity - Retention)

Workshop A: 
Employee Resentment, Redemption, & Retention
 *Employee Resentment
                 Understanding the reasons why some employees are “bad” employees
*Employee Redemption
                Learning how to motivate and change negative employees into “winning” employees
*Employee Retention
                 Hiring to Retiring - keeping the ones you want!

Workshop B: 
 Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

Workshop C: 
Seven Ways to keep Your Employees Motivated

Workshop C: 
The Benefits of Employee Investments
What is the best way to get more from your money. We all know the answer to that question - invest it. What we put in we get back sometimes two, five, tenfold. So it goes with our business and our most valuable source of profit. Our employees. Invest in your employees and you will get back tenfold. This presentation will outline the 5 greatest benefits of invested employees and will outline the 10 steps of investing in your employees for maximum return.

Workshop D:
Retention Starts with Proper Onboarding

Workshop E:
Effective Leadership

Workshop F:
How to be an Engaged Employee

Workshop G:
Workplace Culture


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