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About This Book
"Seize the Opportunity...and other marketing strategies" is for business owners looking for a competitive edge, employers seeking to motivate their employees, entrepreneurs attempting to start on a successful note, and college students going to the world of business with fresh new ideas.

Inside this Book:
Tips on Self-promotion;

Proper Use of the Telephone to Market Yourself;

Efficient Networking Techniques;

the Power of Sharing;

Marketing Online;

Profitable Volunteering;

and of course, PROVACK.

Yours for Only $20.00

Yours for Only $20.00

About This Book

Jobseeker No More is a MUST for anyone who is seriously pursuing the career of their choice. Why be stuck in a go-nowhere - do-nothing job when you can enjoy what you do and get paid to do it.

Most people spend 5, 10, 20 years of their lives on the job. Why not choose and obtain the right one for you!

Chapters in this book include:
Understanding Oneself  
Planning Your Actions
The Truth About Money
Effective Job Marketing
Interviewing With Power
Keeping Your Job

Topics include:
Sample Resumes & Cover Letters, Applications
Effective Job Networking
Hard Questions - Easy Answers
Great Websites For Jobs
Solving “Employment Barriers”
Interview Etiquette
and, of course,
PROVACK - “Our 12 Steps to Success Program”

About the Book

In this edition of the Power of Mentorship-Secrets of the Masters you will find a compilation of wisdom covering the topics of success, wealth, business, relationships, leadership and every other aspect containing to the accomplishment of extraordinary living.

Each of the masters featured in this book including Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, and Mick Moore have opened up their treasure chest of wisdom and knowledge to share with you the pathway to living your dreams. If you follow and emulate those who have the things you desire you can expect to have those things as well. Success is not based on what you want but on what you see on the image of your mind and the actions you take upon those images.

These Secrets can be yours for Only $20.00

About the Book
The Manual: Tips for a Happy, Healthy, & Successful Life finally gives us what we all need now and then - a manual that explains this condition called LIFE. Useful to the new mom starting out, the college student about to graduate, the business owner with concern for their employees, the parent concerned for his children, the homeowner, the ex-offender, the grandparent. Life affects them all.

Included in this Book:
A few tips on - Communication, Education; Employment, Health, Housing, Legal Issues, Parenting, Safety & Violence Prevention.

Yours for Only $20.00

Bonus Offer - Buy all 4 books for $60.00

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