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Surround Yourself With Helpful People
Remember when we were in high school. We tried to hang out with the cool people. The team captain, the head cheerleader, or the party animal. No one hung out with the chess champion, the guy in the third row always wearing a suit, or the girl with glasses who happened to be the school valedictorian. Of course, now we wish we had. They sure could have helped us with that dispatch problem, or that ugly situation in Marketing, etc. Our problem is we still seek to surround ourselves with those who can do nothing for us.

We need to stop seeking the advice of Uncle Buck who, although he has been in business for himself for twenty years, still isn't allowed to write checks in most banks. We need to fire Cousin Leroy who, although he is a wonderful wit at parties, can't remember to write down the messages as he receives them. We need to walk away from Best Friend Lucille who, although she is totally unable to manage her own life, is perfectly comfortable telling you how to manage your business.

To be the best, you must reach out and talk to the best. When I was young and heavily into sports, I always tried to play with those whom I knew could kick my butt. It was the only way that I could improve my game. Or I would engage in fierce competition with those who like me were trying to reach for the "gold". Eventually, my game was at a very high level. If I had stayed with those who didn't care about their success, there would have been no personal progress.

This is the time to recognize those who can do positive things for you. Business moguls who have reached the success that you crave are often willing to offer assistance through their advice or contacts. Business people, like yourself, who are out there networking and reaching out to others for information, contacts, and new ideas. Community people who have the desire to interact and share with those in the business sector. And friends and family who do not interfere with well meaning but dumb advice or negative opinions because they see that you are motivated, dedicated and true to your goal and will succeed.

These are the people you want to surround yourself.

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