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Your Small Business, Employment, Career, & Youth Specialist

Not A motivational Speaker but a MOTIVATED Speaker!

Aaron Boyce travels throughout the nation spreading the message of empowerment and success. His message is clear: Success is Fun!

Satisfied recipients of Aaron Boyce's workshops/seminars include:

*Tech Skills College
*Center for Employment Training
*Sacramento Municipal Utility District
*Department of Rehabilitation
*Employment Development Department
*Sacramento Employment and Training Agency
*CA Black Chamber of Commerce
*River City Chamber of Commerce
*South Sacramento Chamber of Commerce
*Independent Living Program
*Sacramento City Unified School District
*Grant Unified School District
*San Juan Unified School District
*California Court Appointed Special Advocates
and more.

Now Available

Aaron Boyce and his team of training professionals work with both youth and adults and are available to speak on the following topics.

Employee Relations & Retention: Resentment, Redemption, Retention -The Saving of Great Employees!; Hiring to Retiring - designing the employees you want; Employers Beware - Your Good intentions Could Lead to Bad Employees.

Employment/Careers:   Workshops include: What is the Net Worth of Your Job Network; Interviewing with POWER!; and Strategic J.O.B. Marketing.

Case Management: Workshops include Success Comes in "Cs" - Client-College-Case Worker; Before You Enroll - Enlist!; 12 Ways to a Stronger Client; Communication Techniques - Caveman to Computer; From the Seed to the Tree - Stress & Anger Management.

Motivational:  Workshops include: Baking Biscuits - and 11 Other Things Mom Taught Me; Success is Easy (when you have a plan), Stuttering My Way Towards Success; Loving the Rollercoaster called Life!; and Simplify, Energize, and Start to Rise.

College Life:   Workshops include: The New Face of Leadership; Congratulations, College Grad - Now What?; Entering the Workforce After College; Life Is Not An Elective Course.

Business:  Workshops include: Putting the SIMPLE Back in Business; Building a Better Employee; Public Speaking and You; and Money, Myths, and Mittens.

Books by Aaron Boyce
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